Toileting Toddlers

The most commonly asked question when a child is reaching 2 is about toilet training readiness. As we know all children are different, even siblings, so there is no specific age to start toilet training. At TLC we support families and the child through this process in partnership. We believe the first step is at home. Children learn from observing and interacting, asking questions and use this learned information into their everyday lives.

To help your child be successful in toilet training we look for signs of readiness. These can be a combination of the following:

  • Make sure the child is ready and you are not doing for yourself.
  • When they have simple language skills to communicate to let you know they need to go to the toilet “wee” “poo” in advance.
  • Their self-help skills allow them to pull up and down simple clothing ie/ elastic pants/ shorts and undies.  Avoid belts, buttons, hooks etc.  This allows them to gain a better achievement of their independence.
  • You notice their nappy drier for extended periods throughout the day.  This suggests they have control over their bladder. Poo’s will come later as children may need the security of a nappy for a little longer, however, keep persevering as they need to build confidence

Your child may try and take off their own nappy when soiled or shows you they want to use the toilet.

Understands and is able to follow basic hygiene procedures.#

Can understand and follow simple instructions.

Generally, when the child is between 2 years 4 months and  years depending upon if they are a boy/ girl and how consistent every party are involved.

Once you have identified your child is ready, have a chat with your child about how grown up they are to be wearing undies. I always recommend once you have committed make sure you follow through and only use a nappy for sleep times if needed. Have a little trust in your child’s new-found independence and ask them regularly for gentle reminders.

Don’t forget to praise your child’s achievements and success!

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