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Good brain food makes for a happy child

With a trained chef and fresh produce, you won't have to ask
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What is Our Philosophy on Nutrition?

At TLC Education and Care Centres, we pride ourselves on providing the children nutritious and developmentally appropriate food and drinks whilst in a Childcare environment. The children will be provided 50% of their Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI).

Our goal and philosophy is to promote healthy eating habits during meal times through our daily programme. During these meal times our efforts are place toward the environment being pleasant and educational for the children. For our centre, we place great importance on the child’s education about healthy food and nutrition. Our main aim is to assist our parents with the continual education on healthy living and nutrition.

With our own on site chefs we assure all our parents that their child will be provided with a range of meals developing their taste for a variety of cultured foods. We work closely with our chefs to design a 4 week menu that is both created for the summer and winter months.

What is involved in our Daily Program?

As apart of our enjoyable eating environments, we encourage the children to eat food when offered. The centre is always well equipped with ready access to drinking water at all times of the day. (Water bottles, water jug).

Meal times are treated as opportunities for social interaction and learning. Encouraging the children to sample all the food offered works tremendously well. Our educators are encouraged to sit at the tables with the children and eat to role model appropriate table manners.

Hygiene is an important part of the daily programme and hand washing is always carried out prior and after meals. Our centre policy of gloves being worn and food tongs used by any staff directly handling is all apart of our

hygiene policy. In this policy we have defined procedures for storing food, recipe / menu development and special dietary requirements.

Finally our Birthday policy is also important because these are special occasions for young children. Parents are offered the opportunity to provide a plain cake for their child to share with their group on or near their birthday. This must not contain nuts or nut products. The cake will be covered with cling wrap if candles are to be blown out to prevent the spread of infections.

A copy of the menu can be found found below.

Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four


At TLC Early Education and Care Centres we understand the early childhood years are critical years that influence a child’s beliefs and values for the future. We provide children with the skills to foster positive relationships with themselves and with their community.


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