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TLC like to keep the parents of the centre informed in the latest information provided by leading professionals. We also like to update our parents on any changes made in the childcare system on behalf of the government/leading body. Please review some of the links provided for additional information concerning these topics, and feel free to address any questions to your childs room leader if you are unsure of any of the information provided.

Downloadable Documents

We receive a large amount of information from external resources, that teach us a lot about new research that has been developed, and therefore showing us innovative ways to run our centre. Below you will find some of these forms that you are able to download, save, or print, for your own wellbeing, knowing that we do want to make a difference in your childs life.

An online resource where you are able to access information in regards to information regarding childcare centres in Australia.

ACECQA is a leading body that provides information to centres in regards to current information and legislations that Childcare Centres are to comply with.

We work with the Cancer Council to ensure the sun safety of your child outdoors.

Current Students

TLC encourage parental engagement within our community. We like to notify our parents in regards to upcoming events in which they are able to participate in, as well as prepare their child for. Feel free to access our events calendar that states each event we hold at the center. We also like to make our parents aware of their childs educational program within their designated room. Each childs program is can also be found on our site; we encourage parents to download the program allowing them to understand where their childs learning ability is at, as well as where we as a centre look to develop them to.

TLC also likes to provide parents with peace of mind in regards to the types of foods their children will also be consuming. Our on site chef personalises a set menu for the children, providing a range of foods that cater to multiple cultures, as well as ensuring we provide 50% of the childs Recommended Dietary Intake (RDI).

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At TLC Early Education and Care Centres we understand the early childhood years are critical years that influence a child’s beliefs and values for the future. We provide children with the skills to foster positive relationships with themselves and with their community.


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