Choosing the right Childcare Centre for your child

Many years ago a family who were moving overseas opened up about why they chose this service.. This Dad, let’s call him Alex* had his child in care in the city, in a high rise, purpose built Centre with all the latest gadgets and was nearly double our daily fees. This particular service was close to his wife’s work and convenient while Alex was studying.  He described this service as magical and wonderful from a parent’s perspective. He explained after a few months he realised the service was not right for his child. He noticed his daughter was not happy, she was not making friends, she was not learning and she no longer wanted to go to pre-school.

So how do we know which service is right for our child?

Alex explained when he first came for a tour his daughter was greeted and welcomed into play, she was introduced to other children and was offered an Orientation. His daughter was happy each day, made friends quickly and was learning. He explained that’s how he knew this service was right for his family….so much so the 8 month old was enrolled a year earlier than they anticipated.

Choosing the perfect Centre is every parent worry, especially first time parents. If you have a good feeling from the Director or Supervisor during your tour and they allow you to ask questions and the Service meets your needs and expectations then you may have found the right Centre. Look past the aesthetics and focus on your child’s happiness.

A few tips in choosing a Service:

  • Have a tour during play time. This allows you and your child to build connections with the other children and educators.
  • Do they offer meals and do they cater for fussy eaters and allergies/ intolerances/ dietary requirements?
  • Do they offer extracurricular programs?
  • Do they have qualified educators? Ask to meet the Team Leader of your child’s room
  • Have a walk through each room/ space indoor/ outdoor to get a feel of the service. You want to think long term in case there are younger siblings who may be enrolled in the future.
  • What is their policy regarding health & safety, illnesses, fees/ enrolment, sun protection as you will be in situations where you will need to know about exclusion periods, completing medication forms and you want to know what procedures are in place if there were an accident.

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At TLC Early Education and Care Centres we understand the early childhood years are critical years that influence a child’s beliefs and values for the future. We provide children with the skills to foster positive relationships with themselves and with their community.


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